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Pre-Course Preparation

There is no guarantee that you will pass the licence test if you attend the course with little or no preparation.  There is a lot to take in and retain in a relatively short period of time.  Our boating course works best if you have done some pre-course preparation such as reading the relevant Safe Boating Handbooks - NSW or VIC as well as doing as many trial exams on either the NSW Maritime or Transport Safety Vic websites as it takes for you to feel confident answering the questions correctly.

If you are interested in upgrading your licence to a PWC licence, here is a link to the NSW Maritime PWC Handbook which contains the information you'll need to know to pass the PWC licence exam.  

With some reading and trial questions behind you, our boat licence course will reinforce what you have learnt already and in many cases clarify any questions you may have about anything covered in the general boating handbooks.  This is simply the best way to get the most out of the course and value for your money.  We are here to help and guide you but remember this is not something you can simply learn overnight easily.  

In saying all of this though, don’t stress.  We will get you through the course and the test under your own steam.  It doesn’t matter if that is on the first, second or third attempt.  We are here to help and ensure you stay as safe as possible whilst on the water.

Some things to have a solid grounding on prior to your attendance at our course include –

  • Lateral navigation marks – port and starboard shapes and colours
  • Cardinal marks – what they look like and what they represent
  • Navigation lights – what they are and when to use them
  • Lifejackets – type and rules
  • Safety Equipment – what is required on board your vessel and when
  • Safe Speed – what is it?
  • Safe Distance and Distance Off
  • Licences – different types of licences
  • Rules of the Road – head on, crossing and overtaking situations
  • Towing Rules – observer, max. no. of people that can be towed


Please ensure you are aware of the Proof of Identity requirements so everything runs smoothly on the day.


Boat Licence Course Calendar