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Border Boat Licence operates under the auspices of the National Maritime College who are the Registered Training Organisation.  Should any of our Border Boat Licence students wish to offer feedback or raise an issue they may have about their training, they may contact Border Boat Licence directly or if they choose, they can contact the National Maritime College directly using the links and information below.



Feedback helps us improve the services we offer. We would like to hear from you, whether it's to comment on positive experiences, to highlight areas for improvement, or to raise specific concerns you would like addressed.These concerns might be about our services or your training. They could relate to treatment you have received or, the behaviour of others which you consider unacceptable or inappropriate. 

As part of our overall approach to gathering feedback you may also be asked to complete a survey at the completion of a course, an assessment, a single unit or module, a group of units, or a complete qualification. Where opportunities for improvement are identified as a result of the feedback we receive, actions are developed and put in place to help improve our services to you. If at any time you are not sure of the best way to provide feedback or raise a concern your trainer or, one of our support staff can assist you in exploring your options and if required to assist you through the feedback process.

The quickest way to provide feedback is by using the online Feedback Form.



The College acknowledges that every student/client has the right to lodge a complaint when they are dissatisfied with the training and /or assessment services and experiences that they have been provided. The College will ensure all students and clients have access to a fair and equitable process for expressing complaints, and will manage the complaint with fairness and equity.

To lodge a formal complaint use the:
Complaint Lodgement Form PDFIcon_1


Grievance appeals

If you think you have been treated unfairly or subjected to inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour by another student/s, trainer, or staff member/s, you may wish to lodge a grievance.Unacceptable behaviour can include verbal or physical abuse, bullying or harassment, victimisation or discrimination. If you think you want to lodge a grievance, you may wish to discuss your concerns with the the College first on 1300 723 112.

To lodge a formal grievance appeal please use the: 
Grievance Form PDFIcon_1


Assessment appeals

If your feedback specifically relates to an assessment process or outcome that you are unhappy with, then the appeal process is used. In the first instance raise your assessment concerns your trainer/s. If your concern is not resolved satisfactorily you can discuss the matter further the College Training Director.

To lodge a formal assessment appeal please use the:
Assessment Appeal Form PDFIcon_1 


If your complaint, grievance or assessment appeal is not resolved to your satisfaction, we have processes that enable you to have the decision or outcome reviewed. If you are not sure about the best way to raise a concern, or would like to initially discuss it informally with someone, you can contact us on 1300 723 112 and ask to speak with the Training Director. Anything you discuss will remain confidential.

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