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What is Evidence of ldentity (EOl)?

EOI is the first requirement that a customer must meet to obtain the products offered by Vic Roads.

A person must show EOI to verify his/her name, address and signature. Without sufficient EOI we will not be able to allow you to take part in the course.


What Identity Documents Will I Need? 

The most you will need to provide at our course is:

  • One category A evidence document.  (Evidence of existence and a link between identity and the applicant.  e.g. Australian Passport, full Australian Birth Certificate (Commemorative birth certificates are not acceptable), existing Australian photo driver's licence)
  • One category B evidence document.  (Evidence of use of that identity in the community.  e.g. Medicare Card or bank card)
  • Evidence of Victorian residence.  (If your address is not shown on the cat A or B documents)
  • Evidence of change of name.  (If your name is different on the Cat A or B documents) 


For comprehensive information about EOI click here.


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